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Title Louisville Municipal Bridge Construction
Collection Louisville Municipal Bridge Construction Photograph Albums
Object Name Album, Photograph
Catalog Number 012PC49
Description This collection contains 193 black and white photograph prints that are split into two albums. Album 1 is compiled of 174, 5.75"x3.5" prints and Album 2 is compiled of 19, 9.75"x7.5" prints. The collection contains photographs of the construction of the Louisville Municipal from the beginning in June 1928 to the completion of the project in October/November of 1929. The collection includes photographs of the bridge construction including the caissons, piers, and the superstructure of the bridge itself. Some photographs include the construction workers and their various jobs while building the bridge. In addition to the photographs there are a few newspaper clippings. One references the bridge commission visiting the construction site to inspect the progress of construction. This inspecting party included Louisville Mayor William B. Harrison, and the Chairman of the commission. Another clipping references Louisville Mayor Harrison and Harry C. Poindexter of Jeffersonville, Indiana observing the bridge with engineers and commissioners. There is also a telegram from Western Union to C. Glennon Melville, the resident engineer on the project, from his family.

*A select portion of the photographs have been scanned and are described below.

012PC49.001: Pier 5 Assembling Caisson, June 30, 1928.

012PC49.004: Caisson Pier 7, in mud at end of ways, June 30, 1928.

012PC49.013: Group photograph of men working on Pier 5 Foundation, July 26, 1928.

012PC49.025: Group photograph of men down in Caisson, Pier 4, August 1, 1928.

012PC49.032: Group photograph of men down in Caisson, Pier 6, August 6, 1928.

012PC49.039: Group photograph of Louisville Bridge Field Force: Engineer Ralph Modjeski, Colpitts, Resident Engineer C. Glennon Melville, Gorman, and Giese, August 24, 1928.

012PC49.048: Photograph album page of the Bridge Commission Inspection Party including: Mayor William B. Harrison, Chairman William Black, Messrs [Name may be spelled incorrectly, possibly Engineer Frank M. Masters], Tom B. Duncan, and George M. Eady, August 31, 1928.

012PC49.055: Downstream Noses, Looking north, October 10, 1928.

012PC49.058: Pier 6 Upstream Nose, October 11, 1928.

012PC49.061: Pier 1 diver stands in diving gear in a muddy pit with group of men looking down from above, October 18, 1928.

012PC49.113: American Bridge Company Sign hanging on the Louisville Municipal Bridge, May 21, 1929.

012PC49.114: 500 foot Anchor arm and cantilever arm, May 21, 1929.

012PC49.125: General View of Piers 4 to 7, June 10, 1929.

012PC49.135: East pylon at the Louisville approach with the Bridge Commissions names engraved. Engraving reads, "Louisville Municipal Bridge Erected 1928-1929 by the Louisville Bridge Commission: William Black, Chairman; William B. Harrison, Mayor; Tom B. Duncan, Frederick Forcht, George M. Eady, Edward H. West, Secretary and Treasurer; Engineers, Ralph Modjeski, Frank M Masters; Resident Engineer, G. Glennon Melville; Consulting Architect, Paul Philippe Cret." July 22, 1929.

012PC49.146: Plant for roadway, August 29.

012PC49.161,162,163: Album page that includes three photographs of bridge workmen including: Bill Ritz, Pusher; Tom Field, Pusher; and Jackson, Rivet Boss of A. B. Company, September 18, 1929.

012PC49.167: Bridge workman on vibrating roadway forms, October 21, 1929.
012PC49.175: Building site for the Administration Building Foundation Walls for the Louisville Bridge, July 9, 1929.

012PC49.176: Building site Toll Houses Steel Frame-Work, July 9, 1929.

012PC49.177: Construction crew working on the building site for the Administration Building, Stone work-First Floor, July 25, 1929.

012PC49.178: Construction crew working on the building site for the Jeffersonville Approach, Concreting the West Pylon footing, March 2, 1929.

012PC49.179: Construction site for the Toll Houses, forms for roof, July 25, 1929.

012PC49.180: Construction site for the Jeffersonville Approach, Roadway Slab Forms, May 4, 1929.

012PC49.181: Jeffersonville Cantilever looking upstream, May 15, 1929.

012PC49.182: Unidentified project photograph.

012PC49.183: General view of piers looking north, December 26, 1928.

012PC49.184: Unidentified construction site photograph.

012PC49.185: Unidentified construction site photograph.

012PC49.186: Unidentified construction site photograph.

012PC49.187: Unidentified bridge construction view.

012PC49.188: Unidentified bridge construction view.

012PC49.189: Unidentified construction site photograph.

012PC49.190: Jeffersonville Cantilever looking upstream, May 15, 1929.

012PC49.191: Unidentified bridge construction view.

012PC49.192: Unidentified bridge construction view.

012PC49.193: Unidentified bridge construction view.
Year Range from 1928
Year Range to 1929
Place Kentucky / Jefferson County / Louisville
Search Terms African Americans
Jeffersonville, Indiana
Louisville Municipal Bridge
Louisville, Kentucky
Ohio River